Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Things

We've just finished installing some slightly retro shelving in our store. This gives us more room for new things, such as these porcelain pendants by Sylvia Segon.
By the way, this is a list of people who have work in the store at the moment:

Yumi Ando, Bridget Foley, Avis Gardner, Kay Goldfinch, Vicki Grima, Vicky Grosser, Sophie Harle, Debbie Harman, Jeannine Hendy, Katie Jacobs, Lene Kuhl Jakobsen, Ray Laurens, Sandra McHarg, Sophie Milne, Chandra Paul, Kirsten Perry, Ruby Pilven, Mary-Lou Pittard, Edna Primoratz, Kaye Poulton, Kerry Punton, Wendy Reeve, Sylvia Segon, Amy Simmons, Lorrainne Taylor, Ingrid Tufts, Andrew Widdis, Chris Wright and Sophie Xarhakos.

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